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Bert Lopez & Joyce Brown are available to provide therapeutic massage to promote relaxation and overall well-being.

Bert has 18 years of massage therapy experience and has been a Professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association since graduating from the Health Enrichment Center Inc. School of Massage Therapy. He has been the Director of the Sports Massage Team at the Detroit Marathon as well as the massage therapist for the University of Michigan women’s swimming & diving team. Bert has also been the massage therapist for Club Wolverine in the last 2 Olympic Trials.


Joyce has been practicing yoga for more almost 15 years and became a teacher in 2014 through Kripalu’s Yoga Teacher training program.  She enjoys working with students either through classes focused on alignment or vinyasa flows and combinations including her experience with Iyengar and Hatha styles. Joyce also offers Thai Yoga Massage and Healing Reiki here at Imagine. It is great compliment to people’s fitness experience by providing openness, flexibility and relief of muscle tension and body awareness.


Thai Massage:

Thai massage is a practice of kindness while providing the recipient with relief from stress, tension, muscle soreness and joint mobility.  You will enjoy the comfort of a soft mat while clothed as your body work includes muscle lengthening, joint opening, increase range of motion and energy work through marma points and sen lines.  Palming and rolling with the hands, arms, elbows, knees or feet aid in releasing knots and discomfort.  Each clients experience is unique as time is spent getting familiar with your body to determine how best to bring healing and improved quality of movement and ease to your lifestyle.  Enjoy this ancient medicine bodywork for improved physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Book your massage appointment give us a call at 734-622-8119.

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