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Fitness at Imagine

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Personal Training

At Imagine Fitness and Yoga we are dedicated to helping all of our clients get fit! Spending time with a personal trainer is a great way not only to get started but to work on specific goals that you have.

Whether you are training for a specific event, rehabbing an injury or building your fitness foundation, we will find the right trainer that fits your needs. Single or package options are available.

Group Classes

At Imagine Fitness & Yoga we focus on training the whole body. Our trainers specialize in development of strength, flexibility and balance. In addition to personal training, we offer circuit training and cycling classes with instructors focused on your personal needs within a small group session.

Circuit Training

Our circuit training methods are rooted in functional training. Functional training means that we target our classes to increase your strength and effectiveness in your daily activities. Not only will you get stronger, you will feel better too!

Circuit training classes will help increase your strength, balance and conditioning from head to toe. Our instructors incorporate body weight, free weight, machine-based and cardio equipment exercises into training classes that are appropriate for all levels of fitness.


Our cycling classes are an invigorating way to enhance your cardiovascular strength and endurance.

Cycling is gentle on the joints but still provides a great workout. Instructors will guide you while you pedal at various resistance levels and cadences.

Bare Bones Fitness

With Bare Bones Fitness & Yoga you don’t need to know anything about fitness, you just need to show up.

We will guide you and guarantee that in 4-12 weeks you will feel better, stronger, more flexible and have better balance.


The fitness team at Imagine Fitness and Yoga includes Jeff Barnett, Margo Hosford, Natalie Peterson, Maggie Maier, Nelson Williams, Jackie Farah and John Farah each offering a full body workout in small group circuit classes and Personal Training sessions.

Click on each image below to view a slide show of all of our fitness instructors.


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