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by Maddie Drallmeier With January comes a new year and a time where many are setting New Year’s resolutions! However, many forgo their resolutions rather quickly! Why? Many people do not make SMART goals! SMART is an acronym that is helpful when setting goals: –       S  = Specific: Come up with a specific goal that you want to

Top Ten Tips to Avoid Getting Sick this Winter:

Stock Up on Mittens, Socks, and Scarfs! When we are cold, our thermoregulation system keeps our core temperature elevated, but forgoes our extremities. While this is good for our vital organs, the immune defense around our extremities (like the nose and throat) are dampened and are vulnerable to pathogenic bacteria and viruses that inhabit those

The Health Benefits of Turmeric:

by Maddie Drallmeier You may know of turmeric from its vibrant yellow hue or as the main spice that makes up curry. If you haven’t heard of turmeric, it is a spice native to South/Southeast Asia that has been used for thousands of years, both for culinary and medicinal purposes. However, within the last 20

John and Nelson’s Corner: The Challenge of Staying in Shape Over the Winter

If you are reading this blog you probably know what winter is like in Michigan: Winter is the season when some of our best intentions to stay fit are swept aside by our complacency. You know the symptoms/excuses: “It’s too cold to run.” “It’s too dark for a walk.” “My gym is too crowded, hot,

John and Nelson’s Corner: Testing Yourself

  Challenges, Goals and Expectations…   Just over a year ago I started teaching a fitness class at Imagine Fitness and Yoga. The class is at 6am, so I had to keep it interesting!   After a few weeks of working out, I decided to test the class just for fun. Actually I had reasons

Running Your First 5K

  Dexter Ann Arbor is a little less than four weeks away – can you feel the excitement? No? Well, I can. It may be a little late to start training effectively for the half-marathon if you’re new to running, but fear not – there’s always the 5k.           Hmm. That

John and Nelson’s Corner: Fitness and Persistence

    Have you ever met someone who says they want to be out of shape? Of course not – we all at least say we want to be fit. So how do we do it? What’s the magic trick? Well, there is actually a trick, a single word that’s not exactly magic, but comes pretty

John and Nelson’s Corner: If You Can’t Run, Walk

I’ve known Nelson for 25 years. I met him one hot day in July 1991 while I was out running. I was on West Liberty, less than a mile from home, when I saw him running towards me. I waved, and he waved back. I could tell he was the friendly type so I yelled,

2017 Enrichment Series from Imagine

  Each month Imagine will be hosting a class on a different topic, with a different instructor for your continued learning in 2017! Check out all of the amazing topics below. Give us a call 734-622-8119 to sign up! Attend all 10 classes for only $100, 6 for $72 or drop in to any class

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